Marie Kondo-ing My Friends

While it’s beautiful to have friends in your life, their space needs to be conditional on how they make you feel not how long they’ve been there.

A Female Experience

It begins an annoying buzz, somewhat like a mosquito or a fly. You try to ignore it at first, perhaps the hum is the fridge or a light bulb gone haywire. But the buzz continues to grow.

Summer Break

A little lazy post for your Tuesday morning! While the sun shines outside, I am wearing jeans and a long sleeve in my office because for some reason the people I work with prefer the temperature to be arctic. I don’t feel like writing much but I wanted to post these images from my summer break below…

Things I’m thankful for (Dec 18)

Right, so there’s something I’m guilty of. It’s probably something that has really only come to my attention in recent times, because it’s got to the point where people explicitly tell me.

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