Setting the Scene

A (kind of) introduction to who and why.

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the speaker was a fashion blogger from Australia. While what she had to say on the whole was not particularly interesting, she did mention that she had been posting on her blog for over ten years and that she felt she had chronicled her twenties through her posts. 

The idea of this appealed to me. I have been thinking recently about how little I have lived and how much I have to go. Often I will think I have ‘got’ things, and then the ground shifts from under me and I am reminded by how I actually know fuck all. 

I often wish I was creative in the form of art or music but I am pretty dense when it comes to creating (I do love art in the traditional sense though.) I can sew (basic repair work) and knit (badly) but I have always enjoyed writing. Maybe that is what I should try as my creative outlet?  

I’m not making any promises here – because I have started and failed many blogs. I often start with too strict of an outline, ‘this will be my fashion/food/skincare/health blog!’ I declare bravely, but maybe it is that very commitment that begins my decline into getting bored and stopping. Could this be a chronicle of my failure to commit in my twenties? Who knows. We’ll just have to see.

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