January Good Feelings

January has been a bit of a rollercoaster of good feels and bad feels.

January has been a bit of a rollercoaster of good feels and bad feels. Most of which is probably down to me messing with my brain balance excessively by partying perhaps a little too hard through late December til now (serotonin please come home.) So I’ve decided to throw out a good #mood to start off my February. 

One of the first blog posts I had on here was things I was thankful for overall. Feeling good and appreciative is cool so here’s a list of some of my favourite ‘good feelings’ from January: 

1. Seeing Old Friends After a Long Time

Such a good feeling when over two-years later there’s still the same shit-talking, laughter and extreme amounts of food consumed. You’re still those same gals. Nothing’s changed, except the fact you all live further apart and aren’t as poor. 

2. Picnic Blanket +Fish & chips + Beach or Sunset

Hand on my heart, I have not wasted any opportunity this summer to eat deep-fried goods in nature. Two of the best fish and chip shops visited: 

Muriwai Lodge Store (Best batter, freshest fish) 

Happy Takeaways, Westmere (Chips amazing, wontons amazing, pay a little more for fresher fish)

3. Feeling the Wedding Love

Weddings are great, you cry, you laugh, there’s good food and you look hot. If you’re me, you like to top this off with drinking too much champagne and harassing your boyfriend about when he’s proposing. 10/10 experience. 

4. Drinking and Frying with the Girls

Drinking what? Dark and Stormy’s. Frying what? Just our bodies. There’s nothing like a snag on the BBQ to comfort you into forgetting that you didn’t go to Laneway. 

5. Fresh Hair Feels

Nothing better feeling than a freshly cut hair and a blow-out. I’m thinking of going more shorter and 70s with the fringe in a few weeks, but we’ll see!

Quite the little vibe by Karina @ M11 Studios 

Okay so this is me signing off! Look after yourselves and look after your brain xx

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