Bean there; Twenty Three Cafe, Eden Terrace.

Wow! what a trendy cup. Shout out @coffee_supreme

…and so begins a new segment, which may be recurring, or may not. As we know, I’m not making any promises about anything on this blog. My brain-wave for this would essentially be coffee only reviews. It’s long been an annoyance of mine that while I can find pages and pages on food at Auckland establishments, coffee is usually tacked on to the end like: 

“and the coffee was good!” 

See, I want to know more.  Who does the beans? how hot? how fast? bitter? tart? creamy? round? Guys, I don’t constantly battle coffee teeth-stains for nothing. I could also argue there is nothing worst than paying $5 for some weak-ass, single shot, bitter dirt water. To complicate matters I primarily get plant-based milk, which some places royally know how to fuck up and charge you for the pleasure. 

Anyway. I’m going to start Bean there with a favorite of mine for i’m-falling-asleep-at-work coffee, Twenty Three in Eden Terrace.

Twenty Three is a special one, they somehow sexily straddle that line in between ‘hip cafe with denim aprons’ and ‘pretentious full of instagrammers hole’. I actually really think Twenty Three is extremely underrated. The staff are always nice and efficient and the pricing is pretty typical for Auckland but well worth it. So without further ado, on to the coffee. 

What I get:

Almond Milk Flat White.  I usually get a Flat White when I’m trying to drag out drinking my coffee as long as possible. 




Middle of the road, I’d perhaps like it a little hotter but that’s because I drink flat whites at the pace of a snail. I also appreciate the fact they don’t burn the coffee by having the milk too hot so 7/10


As every cafe should, double-shot is that standard at Twenty Three. Nothing fills my rage bucket more than default single-shots, but that’s a story for another day! Even beyond that, the coffee isn’t a mellow double shot. It’s right in between being full and rich without being bitter. This coffee is not quite a punch to the face, but close…perhaps an enjoyable slap? 


I’m not tied to almond milk but the one at Twenty Three is great and actually froths properly. Unfortunately lots of the time almond milks can separate or create a bitter taste to the coffee. That hasn’t been my experience here! full marks. 


The coffee is rich, full and deep and finishes with a slight sweetness. The thing I really like about this is the acidity is kept to a minimum. Often with strong coffees, you’re battling a bitter after taste. This has all the strength, with none of the acidity. I’m going to be real with you all, I don’t have a 5 star palette but I am very picky with my coffee and I love this. 

Perfect for:

If you’re anything like me and consume coffee as a meal. If you love strong coffee but hate the bitter. If you want a full-bodied coffee, this one is sexy af.

Twenty Three on Zomato 

(wow their ratings are not great, in all fairness I’ve only had muffins and Christmas mince pies from there and they were fab) 

23 Mount Eden Rd, Grafton, Auckland 1023

Phone: 09-354 4505

Any recommendations for Bean there next time?

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