Bean there; Raglan Roast Raglan / Wellington

Today’s Bean there comes with a touch of nostalgia, a nostalgia that awakens the broke, stressed and alcoholic Bachelor of Arts bitch I used to be (okay I may still be her a little, lot)

After a night of either Brown Scrumpy or late night assignments (no, there was no in-between) a bleary eyed little me used to stumble on down to salvation…also called Raglan Roast on Abel Tasman st, Wellington.

Don’t be fooled by the fact this place is crawling with students. While I consider my student-self tasteless in many ways, you can’t make it through three years of Wellington student ‘life’ (term used loosely) without knowing good coffee.

Raglan Roast coffee is cheap ($2 for black? $3 white? add 0.50 for take-away? correct me if I’m wrong) and probably some of the best coffee in New Zealand. I don’t make that claim lightly but it’s simply true. Visiting Raglan Roast nearly daily during my Vic days meant I didn’t realise how inferior coffee was elsewhere.

It wasn’t until about six months after I left Wellington when I had a coffee in Auckland that stopped me in my tracks and I thought…shit that was good. Checked the beans and guess what? Raglan Roast! my long lost love was reignited. No frills, not pretentious and just good.

So when I was in Raglan over the holidays I thought, what the fuck am I doing here if I’m not buying Raglan Roast/visiting the O.G. Read the below review if you can be bothered, you already know I gag it.

What I get:

Flat White, it’s done right here.


Raglan Roast obviously. This review is of Brown Lightening which is their O.G house blend. The beans I bought are beautifully shiny with oil which means they’re fresh.

Raglan Roast Brown Lightening


Perfect, ready to sip no wait time and just the right temperature to roll around your mouth and taste all the flavour (sorry teeth)


Strong but velvety, this is one smooth coffee. Always a double-shot (I feel like you’d be escorted out if you asked for a single) packs a punch.


I went a little off the rails and switched back to dairy milk for this one #nostalgia for when my student self didn’t give a fuck about my digestive issues – Was my tummy happy? no. Was the whole fat cow’s milk a delicious creamy accompaniment? yes. No Ragrets.

Anyway – it was a perfect ‘flat’ flat white. This is none of that take-up half your cup with froth bullshit. There is just enough milk in there to turn the coffee a rich dark brown sugar colour – as it should be.


Ooh! mama, the best. The vibes I feel for this one is caramel, velvety and the only punch you feel is after…when the caffeine hits your blood stream. No acid, no bitter just rich, sweet and strong goodness. 1000/10

Perfect for:

Have it alone, don’t fuck the flavour up by adding sugar, making a mocha or trying to incorporate it into a meal. This baby is it’s own thing, and you’re doing it a disservice if you consume it otherwise.

Raglan Roast you have my heart. Please come to Auckland…or don’t. Because you’re kind of cooler that way.

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