A Dessertation…Miann Morningside

Isn’t it great when you go for a great workout then slam back a fat-ass donut immediately erasing your hard work? yup, but with Miann I’m not even sorry.

If you are actually interested in food reviews and where to go, I’d highly recommend following @eatlitfood if you don’t already (seriously though, who doesn’t by now?) who led me to the lil beauties at the heart of this post, Miann Morningside!

This is not a food blog and I have absolutely no intention of writing reviews for food places, but my last two posts have been food related and this is simply because I spend a lot of time thinking about eating and if you don’t…I’m not sure what’s wrong with you. 

Miann is located in the new ultra hip Morningside precinct and is tucked around the back. Their specialty is desserts, pastries, ice-cream and chocolate. I’ve only eaten pastries from there (because I’m not a food reviewer, I buy what I fucking want) but I’ve hear really good things about everything they sell. 

Because Miann is about 2 minutes from my house and about 10 seconds from my gym, I can usually concoct some convoluted reason to visit them at least weekly. Isn’t it great when you go for a great workout then slam back a fat-ass donut immediately erasing your hard work? yup, but with Miann I’m not even sorry.

Christmas Mince Pie

With Christmas around the corner, I made it my mission to try as many Christmas mince pies as possible because I’m obsessed. The pastry on the Miann’s Christmas mince pies is a beautiful short pastry that’s the perfect amount of golden biscuity crumbly while still holding together the fruit mince and not disintegrating in your hand. 

The actual key to a good mince pie is having the ratios right. I actually cannot stand when there is too much pastry to fruit mince. What’s the point? no-one is here for the pasty alone. However these mince pies are STUFFED to the brim, and for $5 I would expect that but it’s always nice not to be let down. 

The fruit mince is not too sweet and had a light hint of orange but wasn’t as overpowering as some mince pies can be. To be honest I think it could do with a little more spice but people are little bitches about too much clove or nutmeg so I understand, this is definitely still a crowd pleaser (and by crowd I mean myself sitting there eating two in one sitting). 

Lemon Curd Donut

Another thing I’ve had recently which I really liked was the lemon curd donut. I’m really basic when it comes to donuts. Like we’re talking a plain glazed donut girl. This is because often when people make fancy ones they’re too sweet, have too much going on and are trying to wash my dishes and mow my lawn rather than just be a bloody donut. However I decided to branch out, put my trust in Miann and try one of theirs. 

I’m actually so mad I didn’t get a photo of the inside because the lemon curd was creamy, eggy and zesty in the most perfect curd way. Despite undoubtedly being packed full of sugar, this donut was not in any way overly sweet. The lemon was present enough so that I didn’t feel hard done by, but also wasn’t slapping me in the face. The actual donut ‘bread’ (that term could be so wrong) was more cronut territory than donut, which I actually liked because it was light and aerated while still feeling like a bread. 

If you haven’t been to Miann…go. The coffee is also great, and the service has always been stellar and so quick even when rammed on a Saturday. If you have any recommendations of what I should try from there next, please let me know! 

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